YOTI Product Review – Bilge Buddy

A good friend of YOTI and local yacht owner on Pittwater, Paul Pascall, has come up with a very neat machine he calls the Bilge Buddy. Paul says it’s a completely self-contained, portable, ready to use, submersible bilge pump. He originally conceived and designed the idea around a pump that could easily and quickly pump the water out of a dinghy after rain.

It comes with a single rechargeable battery. However for larger applications, like the one sold to RMYC on Pittwater, two batteries were installed to give the pump a longer pump cycle before re-charging. One happy customer on their first road test removed over 2000 litres of water after rain from 4 flooded areas completely un-boat related and then went on to empty 9 dinghies all in the same charge cycle.

Recharging is quick and they are very easy to use – just drop in the water and press the button.

For more details and orders contact Paul on 0407 015 832 or send him an email.