We decided to sell our yacht ‘Ceilidh’ at the start of this year. After four months of advertising and no real interest, we appointed YOTI (Tim Vine) to sell her. Six weeks later, the boat is sold. Why?

Firstly, with Tim’s advice, we got the pitch right. We made some small improvements to the boat and the inventory. We adjusted the price. Tim took some sensational photography and produced a great advertisement. We now had the best value offer in the target market segment and the enquiries took off. Secondly, do not underestimate the value of putting a broker between you and the buyer. Buyers are far more comfortable dealing with a broker than with an owner, especially at settlement time.

I could go on. But the bottom line for me is that its easy to buy a new boat, hard to sell the old. YOTI made the sale part easy. I guess I am now another “rusted on” YOTI client. Thanks Tim.Peter Williams