Unbeatable Tahiti

Is there a perfect yachting destination on your cruise home from Europe? We all have our favourites, but you’d be hard pushed to find a more idyllic location than the islands of the South Pacific. Take your pick from the Marquesas, the Society Islands and stunning Bora Bora.

French Polynesia is a boating paradise – rich with culture, plenty of magical archipelagos to explore, the wild and beautiful Marquesas, incredible diving in the Tuamotus atolls – it’s a must-see destination on or off the water.

It’s no wonder a lot of cruisers are applying for a long stay visa before they arrive in French Polynesia, allowing them to stay and indulge for up to a year… Sounds good to us.

A Welcome Crew on the ground

YOTI has several partnerships in Tahiti. Along with our strategic partners, TMG Yachts, we have partnered with Tahiti Crew (marine concierge and boat management) which allows us to have a touch point on the ground to provide a range of services to our clients.

You’ll find the boating facilities in Tahiti are superior to those found in the rest of French Polynesia. So if you’re boat needs work, make sure you get things ticked off your list here.

Tehani Fiedler-Valenta, the director of Tahiti Crew, met with John Cowpe to talk about the services Tahiti Crew provides to cruisers visiting French Polynesia on their way home.

“Tahiti Crew is a marine conciergerie and as a partner of YOTI, they have the capabilities to organise everything regarding immigration and customs, as well as boat parts, technical assistance, wash down, boat keeping, etc.

If you are a non-European sailor, you have three options to enter French Polynesia. You can post a bond at the bank (the equivalent of a return ticket to Australia), own a return ticket to Australia or use the services of Tahiti Crew to organise a bond letter for you.”

If you’re planning to cruise through French Polynesia during the main season of March to September, contact Tahiti Crew well ahead of time so they can start processing your paperwork and ensure a smooth arrival.

The International Yacht Broking Experts

When it’s time for the cruising adventures to end, you need a reliable yacht broker, and Tahiti is the ideal place to sell your boat.

YOTI has a fantastic, established network across the South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia, giving your boat exceptional exposure. The Pacific is one of the top yachting destinations in the world, making it easier to find a buyer in the region.

And from a hip pocket perspective, you are not subject to the taxes imposed by other countries.

So whether you’re selling offshore or continuing onto and selling in Australia, the expert yacht brokers at YOTI can offer you the best advice and widest international reach.

Catch you in Tahiti!

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