Quays Marina Weather Station on Pittwater

Let’s face it, when all of us sailing folk aren’t out enjoying our local waterways, chances are we’re sitting in front of a screen jumping between various weather websites trying to work out ahead of the boffins when the next blow or blast of sunshine will come our way. We’ll for Sydney sailors, we have another favourite to add to your list…

There has previously been no Weather Station between North Head, Sydney and Norah Head. That’s 36 nautical miles of coastline without any weather data. Well, The Quays Marina (where our YOTI Pittwater office is pleased to be based) is to become ‘home’ to the first fully functioning Weather Station on Pittwater! This is all thanks to the tireless work of the not for profit association Pittwater Weather Incorporated.

You can access all manner of weather information which will be updated every two minutes. Also, a webcam will be installed very soon so stand by! This will give you a look at the conditions on the water from wherever you can access the link. Check it out here.

– Peter Mactier

Peter heads up our office at The Quays Marina on Pittwater.