Our Tassie Office

Set in a shed in a tranquil corner of Lindisfarne, you can find the Yoti office and their listings.

The man who works from this rustic little office is Danny Ryan. A relaxed and easy-going guy, Danny has a long history in sailing. Growing up in Auckland, he began sailing off the beach yachts in the upper harbour. He graduated to cruising yachts before exploring the world in his teens. Danny’s career has covered the skies, as well as the road but his true calling is the water. He’s been working in the industry since 2001 and to say he’s passionate about his job and his listings is an understatement.


Danny is the man you need to speak to if you’re wanting to list your yacht for sale or you’re in the market for a new adventure. He’ll make sure you get the best yacht to suit your new sailing lifestyle and has plenty of experience sailing up and down the East Coast of Australia as well as locally in Tasmania.


The Yoti office has a range of yachts, the older style, which match the history of the old town they currently reside in. Classic wooden yachts for those who want to go back to the old school days of sailing and plenty of the modern fibreglass yachts with the old-style look. All the style without the obstacles.

If you turn up on a cold day, Danny will most likely have the fire roaring and the kettle going so you can take your time asking questions he has all the answers to.

To speak to Danny and find out about how to list your yacht with Yoti or maybe purchase a new one, you can contact him by phone or email, details below.

Ph: 0447 916 353
E: danny@yoti.com.au
A: Lindisfarne Bay Boatyard, 1 Ford Parade, Lindisfarne, TAS