My Five Top Tips On Anchoring

Most cruising sailors love a good night’s sleep and I’m no exception. There is one thing that can really ruin a good night’s sleep and that’s anchoring problems. Here are some tips that I’ve picked up over the years, by talking to and observing other cruisers. The best tips have come from Cray fisherman that I met whilst cruising Tasmania.



#1 – Be an unsociable anchor dropper. The first thing I do when coming into a strange anchorage is observe where everyone is anchored and then get as far away as possible from them. Sure it’s a longer dinghy ride for sundowners, but if the wind changes through the night you’ll be glad you’re far from the madding crowd.

#2 – You can never have enough scope. I always anchor at a minimum ratio of 5:1 and that’s in calm weather!

#3 – Always check your depth. I normally pick my anchor spot, and then motor in a circle around it of about 40 mtrs checking depth. Don’t forget to allow for tides.

#4 – Always reverse your anchor in!

#5 – Get an anchor alarm app for your smartphone.

Not so fortunate cruiser after a 35knot blow hit
Gary’s anchorage at 1am.


– Glenn Love

Glenn heads up our newly opened office in South East Queensland.

Disclaimer: This is not a definitive anchoring guide.