Hull Blasting – How’s Your Bottom Looking?

A common sight on 10+ year young yachts is the significant build up of anti-foul layers. This occurs if the yacht hasn’t been rubbed back sufficiently in between anti-fouls. If hulls are simply painted over every year or even given a token quick rub back, the anti-foul will build up and eventually begin to flake off in larger and larger pieces. This in turn speeds up growth on the hull, limits performance and potentially compromises structural integrity.

This should not be seen as a death sentence when buying a boat or unfortunantly even as a big surprise for many cruising boats out there. Depending on the severity of the build up, the solution could be as simple as a very hard rub back or considering stripping back to the bare hull by means of professional blasting.

Soda Blast Australia recently completed a job for us on a Catalina 28 (pictured) at The Quays Marina on Pittwater. Various aggregates can be used from Soda (yes simply baking soda!) to crushed glass depending on the material being stripped. Most yachts can be stripped in a single day at a cost of around $70 p/foot – not a huge committment when considering the long term benefits of essentially a brand new bottom. The hull will then need to be sanded, primed and then the normal anti-fouling coats can be added. Blasting should be considered as a very long term solution with big benefits.

I think you will agree the results speak for themselves.

HullBlast_before HullBlast_after

For further details contact:
Q Service at The Quays Marina on (02) 9979 3133   Or  Soda Blast Australia on (02) 4578 5748.

– Peter Mactier

Peter heads up our office at The Quays Marina on Pittwater.