Hanse 470e – Foreign Bride – October 2011

We had been showing the prospective purchaser another (smaller) yacht on our brokerage as per his brief. He’d come down a few times to have a look and was comparing it with another similar model from another brokerage. He had come back to our office for one last look at the yacht on a mooring before making up his mind and we’d just arrived back, when we walked past ‘Foreign Bride’ in our marina. She was bigger than he was looking for but nevertheless he was curious enough to want to have a look on board. One look was all it took for him to decide this was the boat for him. Klaus is a ex-deep sea fishing owner/captain from Germany with lots of experience in powerboats (his last fishing boat had a crew of 28, so we are talking big) but no experience in sail. We provided a sailing coach to him for a month after he took delivery and he’s now confidently sailing on Pittwater with a grin from ear to ear.