I would normally just write a few words in a testimonial to say I was happy with your service however the treatment I’ve had from Jeremy warrants more than that. I live in WA, the yacht was in Blairgowrie (not Brighton) and there were a few odds and ends that needed sorting. To add to that after the sale had been accepted…(with the survey and all the points it bought up), I was committed to work in Nepal. Jeremy arranged the survey, the slipping, the motor repairs, the electrical fixes and a myriad of other glitches…I even had an email in Dingbouche (5km from Everest base camp)! The fact that the vendor wanted to keep the boat in Blairgowrie and I had to make trips from WA, then drive to Blairgowrie, made both Jeremy’s and my life considerably more difficult – he handled it professionally and with aplomb.

I should add that when I first came to Melbourne looking at boats, I naturally looked at quite a few. Keep doing what you’re doing because the other brokers aren’t in the ball-park. Jeremy’s service took into account how time poor we were and the distance we’d travelled…the others couldn’t have cared less!Nigel Chesterfield-Evans