Chartering A Yacht In The Mediterranean?

…You May Need An ICC

We are noticing more and more that many of our long term clients and friends are escaping the Aussie winter season in order to jump on board for a charter yacht holiday in the Mediterranean. If it’s been a few years since your last bare boat trip or perhaps you’re considering your first charter overseas, there may be some facts that will help you prepare for next year’s season and save you being caught out when it comes to ticking that all important qualification box during the dockside briefing.

What is an ICC?
The ICC is an International Certificate of Competence. This is widely recognised in many European countries as documentary evidence that the holder of the certificate is competent. In very general terms an ICC is required for the inland waterways of Europe and for inland and coastal waters of Mediterranean countries.

Sailing The Mediterranean
What are the different categories?
The ICC can cover various applications including:
* Coastal waters.
* Inland waters – there is a separate theory test for those chartering vessels on inland waterways.
* Power boats to 10m.
* Power boats 10m+.
* Sailing yachts.

How do I get an ICC?

To gain an ICC, you must prove competency in both practical and theory assessments. An assessment can be completed with an accredited RYA / YA training centre. The level of preparation prior to an assessment will depend on each individual’s level of experience. Accredited ICC Test Centres will offer various levels of preparation courses if required. An assessment should take less than half a day.

Will my RYA or YA qualifications suffice?

Short answer – probably. RYA Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper or Yacht Master practical qualifications will allow you to apply for an ICC. Some countries / charter companies will accept either your RYA qualifications or an ICC but don’t assume so check first!

For more information on the ICC plus a link to training and accreditation centres in Australia, see here.

Again, even for very experienced YOTI’s out there, always check with your chosen charter company exactly which qualifications are required before you get onto the big bird in the sky.

Happy sailing!

Peter heads up our office at The Quays Marina