I wanted to communicate a huge amount of appreciation and gratitude to the whole Team of YOTI and Windcraft. Having had first contact with your Sydney Team, Peter, Peter Mac and Sonya, every component of our interactions were punctual, courteous and always willing to offer personal advise through open communication. Then to seek out your listing in Melbourne we met Jeremy who followed all the similar principles of your Sydney Team. Being a reasonable distance from Melbourne, anything we enquired about or requested was never too much trouble. Overall, in the relative short time that we have known the YOTI team we have been made to feel part of the Family in such a personalised way. Thank you all so much!

The work performed by Robert, Angus and the Windcraft crew was very much appreciated, as they assisted in satisfying my request of fixing the list of minor items – thanks also guys! Again the welcome into the Hanse Family by Pam and Sue, made it as though we had known everyone much longer than we actually have – thank you.

We had a most successful journey up the coast to the Lake on Saturday, feeling fantastic as Indigo (formerly Exile 3) looking tremendous on the mooring infront of home. We look forward to a long association and spreading the good word up at the Lake.Rob Dawes