As potential buyers, our experience with YOTI was noticeably different to other brokers. Peter at YOTI was one of the very few brokers that called us with new listings and put together a list of similar boats for us to consider. And, showed us over number possible boats after closing time on a Friday. Very impressive from a selling client’s view I would think and we really appreciated it. And on top of that provided info to assist further consideration of another unrelated yacht.

It seems that YOTI is prepared to put in the effort and assistance trusting that outcomes will eventually follow. Nice way to do business and live life generally.

The sales videos are very helpful too from a potential buyer point of view, especially in the early part of the search process for first boat buyers. These also set YOTI apart from other brokerages after extensive internet searching.

All in all, our brief encounter with YOTI was very impressive. Naturally this will be remembered when it comes time to sell too.Neil Hampton