Here at YOTI we are currently selling more boats than ever. If you’ve been looking to invest in a pre-owned boat it might look like there’s not a lot of new stock coming onto the market, however, high quality pre-owned monohull, multihull or power boats are in such high demand, we’re selling them before we can even list them on our YOTI website!

YOTI’s Managing director, Tim Vine, takes a look at the state of the current pre-owned monohull, multihull and power boat market in 2021, and shares his insights on why the pre-owned boat market is so hot and explains what you need to do to secure a high quality pre-owned boat.

“At the start of 2020 when the COVID pandemic began, no-one knew what was going to happen,” says Tim. “International and state borders were suddenly closing, we were all locked down at home with kids being homeschooled, so at YOTI, like most businesses we definitely began planning for a worst case scenario.”

During April and May the team at YOTI were allowed to continue working, but at that stage our clients could only view our boats online or through video walk-throughs. As we began to transition to semi-lockdown and our clients were able to inspect in person, we realized the market was about to change. Established reputable agents were in demand and suddenly we were very busy !

Investing in a high quality pre-owned boat gave them the freedom to enjoy a luxury ‘staycation’ escape at with their family and friends, as well as the opportunity to travel domestically as state borders began to reopen.

A classic example of how the market had changed was when we held an open day for a pre-owned Lagoon 380 catamaran. An existing client rang me and asked if he could view our Lagoon 380 because he had chartered one for a sailing trip in Greece and wanted to look at the layout and get a feel for it before arriving in Athens. Of course the holiday in Greece was cancelled, so he bought our Lagoon 380 instead!

“For every boat that comes in we have 4 or 5 buyers ready to buy before it goes to market. I am no longer a broker, I am now a trusted consultant searching for boats for clients who know we have the network to find exactly what they are looking for. Our return business ratio is about 90% Purchaser to new Vendor, so why wouldn’t they give us a call ? The reality is that for every 10 boats we sell at the moment, 8 haven’t had the opportunity to be advertised or gone to market!”

My advice to anyone considering selling or investing in a pre-owned monohull, multihull or power boat? Ring up with your wish list and we will help you source a boat or sell your boat.

We have built a network of clients over 22 years to become the largest yacht and multihull sales network in Australia and with our exceptional brand exposure, fierce professionalism and a consistent, proven approach, we know how to deliver results for our clients.

Buying or selling – either way, get in touch with the team at YOTI today.”