Spindrift 43 – ‘Phylis’ – October 2018

The timeless Spindrift 43 ‘Phylis’ arrived earlier in the year after a fabulous Pacific Crossing by the previous owners.

The real advantages of these older pedigree, but well priced, vessels are that they are well built, with solid and oversized fittings that can stand the test time (and miles!). They are typically, painstakingly prepared for the long voyage ahead.

It is common for these vessels to have recent rig and sail upgrades, newly installed batteries with upgraded charging systems and serious engine services / overhaul. Spare parts tend to be very compressive too, to deal with unforeseen issues on their trip. This can make for a very attractive package, worthy of an early inspection!

The new owners Dan and Sharon didn’t need too much decision time and have taken ‘Phylis’ back to Manly, QLD, to get to know her and do some early trips.

We wish them fair winds and above all great sailing.