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Hanse 385 – ‘LAGO’ – June 2018

Congratulations to Jonathan, Fleur and Rhys who are the proud new owners of a Hanse 385 ‘LAGO’. They had the perfect maiden voyage from Sydney to Pittwater under sail with 10-15kts WNW. The trio will soon be saying Goodbye to their beloved Catalina 308 ‘Fleur de Force’ as LAGO becomes a part of the family. […]

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Beneteau Oceanis 423 – ‘Vanetta’ – June 2018

Congratulations to Stuart and Sanne on the purchase of the Beneteau Oceanis 423 Vanetta! We handed over Vanetta on Pittwater. Stuart, Sanne and the kids have already successfully sailed down to Batemans Bay. This beautiful stretch of NSW South Coast will be the yachts new home while the family prepare for some seriously fun family […]

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Elliot 1050 – ‘Kick’ – June 2018

‘Kick’, an Elliot 1050, was delivered from Pittwater to Sydney last week. Her new owners will be clearing customs in the Harbour then Rhumblining her straight to Auckland.

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